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Gender Affirming Gear and Clothing Brands

Gender Affirming Gear and Clothing Brands

Updated on:
February 16, 2022
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You know that feeling when you find a pair of pants that fit so perfectly you never want to take them off? Do you ever wish every piece in your wardrobe felt like that? Well, guess what friend, the possibility is within reach!

The clothes we wear are often a component of how our gender expression is perceived. For folks exploring their identity and physical appearance, clothing is an easier way to see how you feel in different styles, colours, and fits. If you’re trans or questioning your gender, you may use things like makeup, binders, packers, gaffs, and other things to experience gender euphoria. 

We’ve compiled the following list of gender-affirming brands to help you feel like your most authentic self. Before we dive in, let’s cover some definitions.


Gender-affirming/gender euphoria

Gender euphoria is the feeling of distinct pleasure and joy one experiences when their true gender identity is perceived/treated as such.


Binding is a process used to flatten one’s breast tissue to create a flatter chest. Not all trans masculine folks choose to bind, some choose to bind occasionally. Binders come in a variety of sizes and levels of compression. It’s extremely important to make sure your binder fits correctly as to prevent tissue or rib damage.


A packer is a prosthetic penis or smooth bulge that is used to create the appearance of a penis in folks who do not have one. Packer come in many colours, textures, and features; some can be used for sex or to allow the user to pee while standing (more below).

Stand to pee (STP)

An STP is a device that allows someone without a penis to stand to urinate. This can bring a lot of gender euphoria, especially when using a public/shared washroom.

Gaff/tucking panties

A gaff is a tight pair of underwear used to compress/conceal the wearer’s penis and testicles to achieve a smoother presentation. They can be worn on their own or in addition to tucking with tape (more on that below).


Tucking is a method of concealing or reducing the visual appearance of one’s penis by “tucking” or taping the genitals down between their legs to achieve a smooth(er) presentation. Not all trans feminine folks choose to tuck, some only tuck occasionally. You may have heard of tucking from drag queens—this is what they’re referring to! As with binding, it’s incredibly important to make sure you are tucking correctly to prevent damage to the tissue, organs, and skin irritation from adhesives. Here’s a digital guide to safe tucking (with diagrams) from Trans Care BC:

As pandemic restrictions are lifted and many of us head back into the public realm, having your gender expression match your gender identity may be at the front of your mind. To help with this, we’ve compiled a list of online stores that offer gender affirming gear and clothing. These stores were selected based on reviews, personal experience, quality, and sustainability, plus, many are queer- and trans-owned! This article is not sponsored or affiliated with any of the brands listed. We just want to spread the word about companies and products we love and hope you enjoy them too.



  • Trans-owned and operated
  • Designed and patented specifically for gender-affirming chest binding
  • Can easily exchange if you order the incorrect size

gc2b is the ultimate choice for chest binders that are high quality and safe for longer-term wear. Designed by and for trans folks, this company re-engineered chest binders that are comfortable, affirming, and, we’ll say it again, safe. These incredible binders come in two different styles, a variety of colours and patterns (including a full range of nudes), and can be worn swimming! 

Remember: if your chest binder isn’t fitting quite right, especially if it’s too tight, it’s extremely important to replace it as soon as possible to prevent the risk of tissue damage. Not all binders are safe for physical activity, as they are restrictive around your ribs. Please do your research for safe binding methods and what style(s) work best for your body and daily activities.


  • Queer owned and operated
  • International shipping
  • Discreet packaging
  • HUGE variety of trans masc affirming gear

Curious about packers, stand-to-pee (STP), strap-on/hands free dildos, strokers, and other affirming products? This is the site for you. The selection for packers is vast and incredibly high quality. Whether you’re looking to try your first packer or are ready to invest in a hand painted STP that can also be used for penetration, you’ll definitely find what you’re looking for. 

rodeoH has developed their own innovative comfortable harness underwear that are definitely worth looking into. They also carry more sex toy options than you can imagine, so there’s definitely something for everyone here.

LeoLines (Etsy shop)

  • Handmade to order
  • Almost 40,000 sales
  • 5 star rating!!
  • Trans femme bikinis, bras, and panties

The colourful, high quality, handmade garments are designed to be worn without the need for tucking. The padded front panel is designed to conceal/compress without the need for tucking, so you can live your best life at the beach or sun tanning on your balcony. Read through the reviews to see how much people love these styles. They’re also able to make all designs without the padding if you prefer.

  • Canadian company
  • Free shipping over $55
  • Discreet packaging
  • Trans-owned and operated
  • Worker-owned/founded
  • Safe for work web design
  • “Parent-appropriate” and “no sexuality products”

This shop has many incredible gender affirming products! They carry gaffs, binders, dilators, breast forms, packers, pumps, educational books, and more! The website is designed with accessibility in mind, giving you an alternative to sex shops when looking for the products you need.

Get Your Joey

  • Canadian company
  • Trans-owned and operated
  • Free shipping over $100
  • Discreet packaging

This innovative packing pouch combines comfort, functionality, and quality materials to give you the best and most affirming packing experience. Founded by a trans man and his friend, the Joey is an affordable and accessible option for folks who pack. With a wide variety of sizes, colours, and fabrics, you’ll definitely be able to find the right Joey for you.

Haus Zuk

  • Canadian brand
  • Queer-owned and operated
  • Handmade
  • Sizes S-XXXL, can email them if your measurements aren’t listed

The ÜPHORIA line of cotton underwear features the traditionally masc styles you love but without the pouch, so they fit your body the way you want. There’s many styles to choose from including jocks(!!), thongs, and briefs. All styles are also available with a pouch too!

Shoe Freaks

  • Canadian company
  • Free shipping
  • 60 day return policy
  • Men and women’s styles

This Canadian site will fulfill your wildest shoe fantasies and then some. Neon platforms? Check. A sensible heel? Check. Something to wear to the office? Check. Shoes your favourite drag artist would be envious of? CHECK! They carry brands that go up to women's size 16!

Period Aisle

  • Canadian brand
  • Free shipping over $75
  • Intentionally queer and trans inclusive
  • Sizes XXS-5X, two sizes of menstrual cups

Menstruation is something that people of all genders experience and Aisle knows that. From their language to styles to their models, they are a truly inclusive period underwear company. Aisle underwear features a multi-layered leak proof panel, featuring Truetex™ fabric technology. On its own, it will absorb two tampons' worth of menstrual fluid, and up to four tampons' worth when you use the absorbency booster.


  • Body-safe tape to use for chest masculinization, tucking, packing, and more
  • Discreet shipping
  • Free sample available!
  • Waterproof and sweatproof

Gone are the days of KT tape and duct tape, TransTape is here to bring you gender euphoria and keep your skin and tissue safe. This latex-free hypoallergenic tape is 95% cotton, 5% spandex, and comes in three skin tones, three widths, and the option of value packs. Please do your research and read through the site for instructions on how to safely use the tape to reach your gender-affirmation goals. 

Also extremely important is the tape removal process. TransTape requires some time and care when it’s time to remove so you don’t lose skin in the process. They sell tape removal kits and skin soothing salves to get you ready to reapply in no time. You can even wear the tape while swimming and it will dry on its own.

Super Fit Hero

  • High quality, long-lasting, sustainable athletic wear for all bodies
  • Sizes L-7XL
  • Gender neutral designs

This sustainable brand is bringing accessible and high quality athletic gear to people of all sizes. Their designs are neutral with a variety of colour options to show off your style. You may notice that the majority of the models on the site are femme presenting folks, but no stress my masc friends! Here’s a review from on of the Super Fit brand ambassadors, Drew Glucksman, a trans masculine athlete who shares how the fit, quality, and style of the bike shorts are supportive and affirming to their life:

Thrift shops, consignment stores, clothing swaps

  • Consignment stores are a great option if you’re looking for some new office attire or maybe something fun to wear on a night out. There are more and more shops opening with a “genderless” format, which is a really lovely shopping experience.
  • Grab a few friends and spend the afternoon sifting through the thrift store racks. It’s nice to have someone with you to help ease any shopping anxieties you may have and/or just to laugh at the ridiculous items you come across.
  • Organize your own clothing swap with your friends and queer community! It’s a great way to get rid of your non-affirming clothes that are probably just what someone else is looking for. The circle of gender affirmation is a beautiful thing!
Reviewed by:
Thomas Trombetta

Thomas is passionate about gender and sexuality liberation social movements. Before beginning his work with Freddie, Thomas studied Sociology and Global & Development Studies at the University of Alberta, after which he began working with marginalized communities. In previous roles, Thomas was involved in queer and trans health education, PrEP health promotion, community-based research, HIV education, and LGBTQ2S+ advocacy.