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Get PrEP prescribed online, delivered to your door.

Affirming clinicians who provide HIV prevention without awkward doctor visits, waiting rooms or hassle. Welcome to Freddie.

90%+ of Freddie patients get PrEP for free.

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Get PrEP delivered discreetly to your door for free

PrEP is 99.9% effective in preventing the risk of HIV

Join our thousands of Freddie patients taking control of their sexual health, 90% of them get PrEP for free

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convenient healthcare

Convenient care

PrEP shouldn’t be a hassle. Freddie combines caring clinicians with technology to streamline the whole process.

affirming & LGBTQ+ friendly clinicians

Affirming clinicians

It can be hard to talk about your sexual health. At Freddie, our inclusive clinicians “get” LGBTQ2S+. No judgement, no hassle.

free or low cost PrEP

Get free or low cost PrEP

With Freddie's unique financial assistance programs, the vast majority of patients pay $0, including those who currently have insurance co-pays. We'll work with you to find the lowest cost option.

90% of Freddie patients get PrEP for free. Learn if PrEP is for you and whether you qualify.

1-Minute PrEP Assessment
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What is Prep?

Good question. PrEP is short for Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis. Essentially, PrEP is a pill that you take once a day, everyday, that reduces your risk of acquiring HIV by up to 99%.

PrEP is free for many people in Canada.

Our team will help you determine if PrEP is for you.

Freddie medical leadership team

Forget “healthcare” as you know it. At Freddie you will be matched with an expert clinician who will provide affirming and evidence-driven care, without the judgement, and without the waiting rooms.

dr husein moloo

Dr. Husein Moloo

Co-founder and CEO

“After working internationally on HIV initiatives for years, I asked myself “Why is the rate of HIV increasing here at home, in Canada?” We can change that.”

alberta hiv doctor

Dr. Caley Shukalek

Medical Director

“As a younger gay man, I had many awkward visits with doctors where I didn’t feel comfortable being myself. This has shaped so many aspects of my career, including my passion for sexual health.”

Get Prep in three steps

It takes 10+ steps to get PrEP through a doctor in person. With Freddie, get PrEP in only 3 steps.

find out if PrEP is for you with a short questionnaire

Short questionnaire and phone call

Answer a few questions and book a free appointment with a Freddie clinician (20-30 minutes)

visit a lab

Visit a lab

Get some basic tests so we can determine if PrEP is safe for you (it is for the vast majority of people!)

get a PrEP prescription to your home

Get your prescription

Your results are reviewed by your Freddie clinician. If HIV PrEP is safe for you, your prescription will be delivered confidentially to your door!

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