Awkward doctor’s visits are a thing of the past.

Our team of physicians and pharmacists will provide affirming and evidence-driven care, without the judgement.

Meet the Team

Dr. Husein Moloo
Co-founder and CEO
Pete Macleod
Co-founder and COO
Amaan Banwait
Co-founder and Chief Commercial Officer
Dr. Caley Shukalek
Medical Director
Parsa Nejad
Business Operations
Mike Cousins
VP Software Development
Thomas Trombetta
Programs and Partnerships
he/him, they/them

Our vision for healthcare +

Here at Freddie, we know the healthcare needs of many in the LGBTQ2S+ community are not being met. Our team has experienced these issues firsthand.

We want a healthcare system that fits into your life, not one that makes you jump through hoops. Everyone deserves access to an expert physician and convenient care. Someone who knows you and your needs, and is readily available for both the big and small questions. So, gone are the days of inexperienced physicians, difficulties issues with accessing care, and stigma and judgement.

Freddie was created to provide healthcare for a community that has traditionally been overlooked, stigmatized and marginalized. Our physicians provide care with empathy, compassion and inclusion in place of judgement. We know people come in all shapes and sizes, all colours and flavours. All different, yet all deserving of health and dignity.

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