Prostate Pleasure: The Science of the "P-Spot"

Jason Ip

The prostate is a small gland located between the bladder and the rectum, often referred to as the p-spot or the male g-spot.

It's a small organ with a big job. Not only does it give you toe-curling orgasms, it’s also a workhorse in the body. It plays a vital role in a trio of functions of your reproductive and urinary systems.

As with any part of the body, it's important to understand how the mechanics work to maximize pleasure and maintain proper prostate health. So, let's shine a spotlight on today's star of the show and delve deeper (and harder, and faster) into the prostate.

You'll want to bring lube.

Good things come in threes: The functions of the prostate

The prostate performs three significant functions within the AMAB (assigned male at birth) reproductive system:

Fluid production: Firstly, the not-so-secret (but sometimes overlooked) sauce is that the prostate produces fluid from the testes that nourishes and protects sperm, ensuring their optimal health. In doing so, it makes semen more fluid, which is crucial in its role in supporting reproduction – the more fluid semen is, the easier it is for it to pass through the urethra and successfully fertilize an egg.

Mechanical switch(y): The prostate acts as a vigilant guardian of our urinary tract, serving as a gatekeeper between urination and ejaculation. They're like your favourite bouncer at the club. During ejaculation, the prostate contracts and closes off the opening between the bladder and the urethra, making urination during orgasm physically impossible. The prostate ensures only the right group passes through, maintaining the delicate balance and functionality of our reproductive system, providing a seamless, uninterrupted operation within the intricate urinary tract. The vibe check is always 100.

Source of pleasure: And lastly, but certainly not least, when you give the prostate the attention it oh-so-deserves, this tiny yet mighty organ has the explosive ability to ignite eyes-rolling-back-in-your-head, metaphorical fireworks-and-avalanche pleasure. While many queer folks understand the prostate and are keenly aware of its pleasure-giving capabilities, to many still, prostate play is shrouded in mystery (and often unjustifiable stigma). Whether you’re a prostate play expert or looking to understand and discover it for the first time, Freddie is here to help!

Where is the prostate located?

It's essential to understand the anatomy of the prostate. And before you ask Google Maps for directions, we'll make it easy for you. The prostate is nestled snugly at the heart of the pelvic region, positioned just below the bladder and in front of the rectum. Size-wise, it is often compared to a walnut or a ping-pong ball.

Our bodies change in size as we age, and the prostate is no exception. For instance, by the age of 60, approximately half of all people with a prostate will experience an enlarged prostate. And at the age of 85, 90% of people have an enlarged prostate. This is known as Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH), which can cause difficulty with urination.

How is the prostate stimulated?

Prostate stimulation is like a secret treasure hunt, but instead of X marking the spot, it's all about finding that elusive pleasure point. Whether you're using a finger, a penis, or a specially designed toy (more on that below), the rectum becomes the gateway to prostate paradise. Just a couple of inches deep and towards the belly, you'll discover the prostate waiting to be awakened. When it comes to technique, there are no set rules. However, applying gentle pressure and firm, repeated motions can bring delightful results.

When it comes to toys, you'll find there's plenty to choose from to help you stimulate the prostate. From dildos and anal beads to butt plugs and prostate massagers (specially designed toys with curves in all the right places). Everyone's body is different, so finding what works for you can be a (very) fun exercise in p-spot pleasure. You might want a towel nearby as you explore.

Stimulating the prostate can bring about the release of prostate fluid, separate from semen, which can be “milky” in appearance. This is why prostate stimulation is also often referred to as "prostate milking."

Why does prostate stimulation feel good?

Prostate stimulation, for many people, can evoke sensations of profound pleasure, even leading to orgasm without the need for additional sexual stimulation of the genitals – often known as the “hands-free orgasm.” While we know for certain that prostate stimulation feels great for many people, we're still in the dark as to why due to a lack of thorough scientific understanding and comprehensive research.

One prevailing theory suggests a neurological explanation for the pleasure derived from prostate stimulation. Over time, consistent prostate stimulation might "rewire" the brain's pleasure pathways, causing it to anticipate and derive increasingly more pleasure from such stimulation. This forms a positive feedback loop, where the frequency of prostate stimulation directly correlates with the degree of satisfaction experienced. Consequently, the more often prostate stimulation is practiced, the better it feels. This theory, explored in detail in this study, presents a fascinating interplay between neurology and behaviour in understanding the pleasure derived from prostate stimulation.

However, it is crucial to remember that experiences with prostate stimulation can vary significantly. Taking time to explore can help you find out what does and doesn't work for you – it's not the same for everyone! It's an intimate journey filled with personal discoveries unique to each individual. While we may not fully understand the science behind it yet, the pleasure derived from prostate stimulation is a reality for many, adding an extra dimension to their sexual experiences.

Preparing for prostate play

Before you start exploring prostate stimulation, there are several preparatory steps to consider to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable experience:

  • Empty your bowels: Before any form of anal play, it's recommended to empty your bowels, which can help avoid any unwanted interruptions or accidents during your exploration.
  • Consider douching: Using an anal douche to cleanse your rectum with water can make the experience cleaner and more comfortable. It's an extra step that adds an additional layer of cleanliness and peace of mind.
  • Try using protective barriers: If you're stimulating the prostate manually with your hands, you might want to consider using gloves or finger condoms. This can help maintain cleanliness and reduce friction, enhancing the overall experience.
  • Explore different toys: Various toys like dildos, vibrators, or dedicated prostate massagers are available and can produce unique sensations. Experiment with them to discover what works best for you.
  • Lubrication is key: Do not skimp on lube! Adequate lubrication is essential to make the experience painless and pleasurable. Uncertain about which lube to use? Refer to our guide to lubricants that can assist you in making the right pick. One important takeaway: never use silicone lube with silicone toys, as this can cause them to degrade.

Remember, the goal of prostate play is to enhance your sexual experiences. So, take your time, be patient, and most importantly, enjoy the process.