The Freddie Guide to: Douching

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What is douching? And do I need to do it? Read on for Freddie's guide to preparing for butt stuff.

What is douching?

Anal douching is when you use water to clean out the inside of your butt before anal play. This can be done with a specially-designed tool or a DIY one. The tool and technique you use will depend on personal preference and the kind of sex you’re having.

Should I douche?

Douching isn’t mandatory for anal play. However, it can be pretty common among people who bottom. 

Ideally, we’d all be comfortable with how our bodies work (if you’re sticking certain body parts inside other body parts, at some point things will get messy). In case you forgot, you are literally putting things in your butt. And please remember, porn isn’t real! Butts are not pristine. 

Accidents, noises and smells are natural. At some point they’ll happen to all of us, and it would be great if we treated each other with kindness when they do. Unfortunately, we’re not there just yet and some people are still assholes (excuse the pun). If you’re worried about accidents, douching is one way to prepare. 

Douching has some risks and no method is fool-proof, but some people find it makes them feel more comfortable during sex. If douching helps you focus on having fun, then go for it. 

What do do instead of douching

Don’t forget, there are other ways to prepare for sex. Getting enough fiber is a must – you can get this from food or you can also try fiber supplements. Some people use fiber instead of douching, while others use fiber to make douching easier. 

How to douche

All douching follows the same basic steps. You squirt water into your butt, hold it in briefly, release it into the toilet (or shower, if you’re feeling brave) and repeat until you’re done. The goal is for the water to run clear – so no poop, colour or smells.

How you get there is a matter of personal choice. It also depends on if you’re putting regular sized things inside you – like dicks, fingers and your average dildo – or something more advanced, like fisting or double penetration. 

We’ll run through different douching techniques and tools based on what’s going up your ass. A general rule is: the bigger you’re going, the more you’ll need to prepare. Here's how to use a douche:

Douching liquid

A quick PSA: only use water or saline

This should be at body temperature. If you place your finger in the water and it doesn’t feel warm or cool, you’re good.

Saline more closely mimics your body’s natural electrolyte balance, but tap water is considered generally safe. If you’re using saline, you’ll want to use something called “normal saline”. This is used in medical settings to rehydrate patients, clean wounds and so on. You can make normal saline by mixing half a teaspoon of salt in one cup of warm water. Multiply the recipe to make a larger amount.

Do not mix soap, mouthwash, alcohol, or any other cleaning products into your douching liquid. Your butt is a delicate body part, not a bathroom floor. 

Douching technique

There are two options for douching technique: simple and advanced. For most people, you’ll just need the simple one.

Simple douche

Before we start, a quick anatomy lesson. Food travels through your large intestine (aka your colon) as it digests. It then arrives in your rectum, which is a chamber five to six inches deep just inside your butt. As your rectum fills up, it feels like you need to poop. This is the part that dicks or toys go into – and a simple douche cleans it out. 

First, sit on the toilet and try to “expel” as much poop as you can. Take your time! Drink a coffee beforehand if that helps. Do what you’ve gotta do. Once you’re done, the work begins…

Fill your douche
(if it’s not pre-filled) and apply plenty of lube to the tip. Don’t forget this step! It helps avoid cuts and fissures. Then, squirt the water to make sure there’s no air bubbles.

Insert the douche just inside your butt. It helps to do this in the shower or bathtub to make cleanup easier. 

Tip: You can stand, place one foot on your bathtub or toilet, lie on your back, lie on your side, squat… Honestly, as long as the water gets inside that’s all that matters. Just find a position that works for you.

Squeeze water continuously for five seconds. This can take some practice at first, but you’ll feel once the water’s going in.

Hold the water in for about thirty seconds. You’ll need to move around to dislodge what’s inside. You can jump, dance, or try some yoga poses. Any movement is good.

And release! You can do this into the toilet or shower, but the toilet is much easier for avoiding blockages and keeping things clean. If you’re walking from the shower to the toilet, use a bath mat to make sure you don’t slip.

Repeat until the water runs clear, and then do it once more to be sure. When you’re done, shower off and make sure to clean up your bathtub, shower or any surfaces you used with an antibacterial cleaning solution.

Tip: Give yourself some time between douching and butt play (at least a half hour). Sometimes the water can… “reappear”. This helps to avoid any surprises during sex.

Advanced douche

If you’re preparing for more intense anal play, you’ll want to douche beyond the rectum. This means you’re cleaning out part of your colon too. For this type of douching, the shower attachment is easiest. However, this needs to be done carefully to avoid injury (for more tips, see the shower douche section below).

You’ll want to follow all the steps as above, but squeeze water continuously for thirty seconds. If you’re using a shower attachment, that’s easy enough. If you’re using a bulb or water bottle, you’ll need to count the seconds and refill a few times.

Douching this deep can cause some cramps. This is unpleasant but normal, and should pass once you’ve got all the water out. It can take longer for the water to come back down, so you’ll need to move around to get the water moving.

Once you’ve started a deep douche, you’ve gotta see it through. She’s a real commitment! It can be a long process to get all the water out, so plan ahead and give yourself at least an hour to get it all done. 

As with a simple douche, it’s best to have some time between douching and sex in case any water comes back down.

Douching tools

What is the best anal douche? Well, it depends! Some types are good for a last-minute hookup, while others are better if you’re planning a long session.


These are round bulbs usually made of flexible rubber that come with a hard, detachable tip that goes in your butt. Simply fill the bulb up with water, attach the tip, apply some lube and voila! 

Both parts are reusable, just make sure you clean them with antibacterial soap and let them air dry thoroughly before putting them away for storage. If you store a wet douche it can grow mildew or mold, which you do not want to squirt inside you.

Water bottle

If you’re traveling or got summoned to a hookup while you were already out, enter the disposable water bottle. This DIY douching method can be useful if you’re stuck without your usual kit. Here's how to douche with a water bottle!

First, pick up your bottle. Cheaper brands are often better because the thinner plastic makes them easier to squeeze.

You can then use a disposable water bottle the same as a bulb douche. Unscrew the lid, fill it with water and you’re ready to go. The top of a water bottle can be sharp or have ridges, so don’t put it inside you – just place it against your hole without going in. 

Some sports bottles have a smooth mouthpiece which works ok if it’s well lubed, but the risk with these is higher water pressure (which can mean you over-douche). 

Pre-filled enema

Pre-filled enema kits are small bottles that come already filled with liquid and with a pre-lubricated tip. They’re designed for people with constipation and also work for douching.

Pre-filled enemas are not the most environmentally friendly (you dispose of them when you’re done), but they’re convenient if you’re on the go. The most recognisable brand is Fleet but drugstores will also sell their own versions.

Only use pre-filled enemas that contain saline!

Some pre-filled enemas have ingredients to speed up bowel movements. Do not use these. You will have an accident and it won’t be pretty. If you can’t find a saline version, just empty the bottle and refill it from the tap. 

Shower attachment

Shower douches can be the most efficient if you’re doing a really thorough clean – like a pre-fisting one – but it’s easy to over-douche with them. For most people, you won’t need a shower douche. 

If you’re using one, they attach onto your shower and let you douche directly with water from there. You can either attach these to the flexible shower hose if you have one, or use the hose that usually comes in the kit. There’s a few steps to doing this safely and reducing your risk of injury:

Put the attachment head against your hole. It doesn’t need to go in, because the water pressure is enough. However…

Keep the pressure low. Shower douches provide a constant stream of water, so you’ll need to ensure the water pressure is just right. The water stream should stand up no more than a centimeter or two when you’re holding the attachment upright. You can buy extra attachments that control water pressure to help with this.

Check the temperature. The water should be body temperature, which will feel neither warm nor cold when you touch it. The inside of your body is very sensitive and the wrong temperature can cause serious damage!

Time yourself. Unlike a bulb douche, the water stream is constant. This means you’ve got to time carefully and remove the douche when you’re done. Remember – five seconds for a regular douche, thirty seconds for advanced.

Is douching safe?

Anal douching carries some risks. Here's a few of the main ones.

The inside of your rectum and colon contain mucus and good bacteria, known as the “microbiome”. Your microbiome plays a role in many different bodily functions from digestion to immune health. Research has even shown a link between the microbiome and mental health conditions like depression. For being tiny little gals, your gut bacteria do a lot!

Douching disrupts your microbiome, which could have negative effects on your health and wellbeing. It may also cause inflammation in these tissues, which could increase your risk for HIV and STIs. Douching tools may cause small cuts and abrasions that also increase your risk.

It’s worth noting that some of the research suggesting a link between douching and HIV/STIs doesn’t have information about the types of sex people are having. We know that some types of sex – like PnP, group sex and fisting – can carry higher risk. This means that we can’t say for sure that douching is the direct cause.

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Do’s and Don’ts

If you’re going to douche, here’s a few do’s and don’ts to help you along the way.


Give yourself plenty of time. Bodies can be unpredictable, so give yourself an hour from start to finish (more if you’re doing an advanced douche). It’s better to have some spare time at the end than rush the process.

Plan in advance, if you can. Ideally you should leave at least a half hour between douching and bottoming. Sometimes water can come back down after you’re done, which could interrupt your… activities.

Accept defeat. If the douching seems like it’ll never end, then don’t put pressure on yourself. Oral sex can be just as fun, filthy and intimate (pick your fave).


Take laxatives or Imodium. These will just mess with your body. And laxatives will also make a mess of your bed.

Listen to porn stars. You might hear about their insane preparation methods, but just remember that porn stars are the olympic athletes of banging. They’re preparing for inhuman sex marathons, not real-world sex. They’re also not health professionals!

Overdo it. There aren’t official recommendations about how much you should or shouldn’t douche, but try to not do more than a few times per week. It’s not something you should do every day.

Remember: you don't have to douche. But if it helps, then spray away!

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