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How do I get tested for genital warts?

How do I get tested for genital warts?

Updated on:
February 16, 2022

There is no specific test for genital warts. A healthcare provider will look at the affected area and make a diagnosis of genital warts based on the number, shape, size, colour, and location of the skin changes (and other symptoms). If you think you've been exposed to genital warts, there are steps you can take. Genital warts have a characteristic appearance and are often easily identified visually by a trained healthcare provider. 

Rarely, a biopsy is performed in which a small sample of the skin infected with genital warts is taken and analyzed under a microscope to rule out other conditions that may resemble genital warts. 

What tests are available for genital warts?  

Visual examination by a trained healthcare provider is the most common way to identify genital warts. There are no specific tests for genital warts, but a biopsy may be done to exclude other conditions. 

Where can I go to get a diagnosis done for genital warts?

Your healthcare provider and walk-in clinics can perform a visual examination to diagnose genital warts.  

Sexual health testing facilities, like STI clinics, can also usually perform screening and treatment for all strains of HPV.

How long does it take to get the results back on a genital warts diagnosis?

Diagnosing genital warts can be done through visual confirmation by a healthcare provider during an examination. You will be told immediately if you have genital warts and your healthcare provider will discuss treatment options with you. 


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