Next Steps:

Book a lab appointment
& let us know


Check out our “Find a Lab” section below to locate a lab near you. Once you book an appointment, please fill out the Lab Appointment Tracker in your patient portal.

This way, we can get your PrEP to you as soon as possible.

Complete lab testing & let us know


Your lab requisition form has been uploaded to your Freddie profile! To access a copy, you can download it from your dashboard in the patient portal. Your requisition form can be printed and brought in physically, emailed, or faxed to your lab.

After attending your lab visit, go to the patient portal to confirm your lab completion. This is an essential step for receiving your prescription and will help us ensure your lab sends out your results in a timely manner (it can take up to 10 days).

Get your prescription


Your clinician will review your results and follow up with you if anything needs to be discussed. We operate on a ‘no news is good news’ basis, meaning you’ll only hear from us when needed!

If everything looks fine, your prescription will be issued.

Find a Lab

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Our Care Coordinators are available to help you on your health journey.

Lab FAQs

Lab FAQs

What is the lab work testing for?
Do I need to print my requisition form?
How do I have my requisition form faxed to the lab?
Are swabs part of my testing?
How do I get swabs?
Why do some patients not automatically get a swab?
What happens if I’m late for my lab appointment?
What do I need to bring to the lab?
Do I need to pay for testing?
Do I need to fast before testing?
Who has access to my results?
How will my PrEP be packaged when shipped to me?
How do I receive my PrEP?


Our Care Coordinators are available to help you on your health journey.