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Jordan van Schaik

Adding to our wonderful lineup of Life on PrEP stories, is Jordan van Schaik (he/him)! Jordan took some time to answer our questions about his experience being on PrEP. Check out what he had to say below:

Jordan's Journey on PrEP

Hi Jordan! Why don’t we start by having you introduce yourself?

“I’m Jordan. I’m a 26 year old masculine identifying person born and raised in Amiskwaciwaskahikan, or more commonly known as Edmonton.” 

Jordan adds, “when I’m not travelling around Alberta campaigning for progressive political change, taking in the beautiful sights, meeting with stakeholders, and setting up press conferences you can find me jogging through Edmonton’s divine River Valley system. I also love to support my very talented friends in their artistic and creative endeavours ranging from music, to drag, art and so on (from a safe distance, of course!).”

How did you first start PrEP?

Jordan first got interested in PrEP due to its ability to reduce some stress and anxiety around sexual health: “I came to be on PrEP after hearing about it back in 2018 and realizing how comforting it could be. It took a long time to get going, but not anymore”

“Originally, I went the old fashioned route after the previous provincial government decided to cover PrEP back in 2018. I had to go for a consultation at my local STI Clinic to even get recommended to a doctor who was familiar enough with the drug to prescribe it. The clinic had one main nurse who did these types of consultations, and it was only one day a week that she performed them. This resulted in wait times that could take a month or more.”

Unfortunately Jordan’s case is not isolated, many have encountered long wait-times and inexperienced providers when accessing PrEP, even today! “I knew PrEP was a safe and proven way to protect myself, but I sure wish Freddie was around back then as well. It took me many lost hours sitting in clinics and many awkward moments to finally get my prescription finalized.”

“The biggest change for me is the solace in knowing that I’ve taken steps to remove variables outside of my own control in my sex life.”

Do you have any advice for people currently considering PrEP?

“I think people who are considering PrEP should do their research to decide if it’s right for them. For me, it’s an easy way to manage risk in my own life. In addition to that, I’d have to recommend that people make a plan to take it everyday. My life is incredibly busy at times, so it’s really important for me to have time set aside everyday to make sure I’m taking it as required.

Finally, I’d have to recommend that people use Freddie. From your consultation, to the bloodwork, to the care team following up online it’s an extremely easy process to go through. Once my bloodwork came back and I confirmed my address, it was only a matter of hours until I was alerted that my prescription was waiting for me outside my apartment door.

Jordan, thank you so much for your time! If you want to follow Jordan on social media, find him through the links below:


Instagram: @heyitsmejordyv

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