Meet Freddie's Pride Ambassadors

Freddie Team

Meet the ambassadors for Freddie’s “Protect our Pride” campaign!

In a time of rising hate, we need to make space for joy, community and celebration. Now more than ever, Pride needs protecting.

As part of Freddie’s “Protect our Pride” campaign, we’ve partnered with content creators from across the 2SLGBTQ+ community. Throughout Pride season our ambassadors will be sharing what Pride means to them. They show that no matter your race, gender or HIV status, Pride is for you.

Synthia Kiss + Juice Box (@synthiakiss + @juiceboxxofficial)

Pride isn't just a celebration, it's 365 days a year! We should be celebrating who we are, all year round, which is why we're joining Freddie in Protecting Our Pride.

Christian + Tyler, he/him (@christianinfante11 + @tylerdavidmarr)

For us, pride is a time to reflect and celebrate. This, of course, cannot be done without immense gratitude to those who came before us. We know how important trailblazers like Keith Haring and Jackie Shane are, having helped pave the way for us. We take this opportunity to celebrate gender/sexual expression, the joy of community and the freedom to love equally which is why, this year, we've joined Freddie in Protecting Our Pride.

Makayla Couture, she/her (@makayla.couture)

My chosen family taught me how to be proud in myself and not fear protecting my Pride! Now I get to twirl on stage for many and celebrate myself through the art of drag. With Freddie, I am protecting my Pride and my body with PrEP.

Sophie Jones, she/her (@sophiejones)

Pride means the world to me—it's been a huge part of my journey toward self-discovery and acceptance. DJing for our community has given me a unique way to express my true self. It played a big role in my coming out and helped me find where I belong. There’s nothing quite like seeing people let go of their worries and own the dance floor in a space where they feel safe. Through DJing, I’ve found a safe space of my own where I can fully embrace who I am, free from fear or judgment.

Vishnu, he/him (@vishnu.nirvana)

Pride, for me, often represents a sense of satisfaction, accomplishment, or self-worth derived from personal achievements, identity, or belonging to LGBTQIA2S+ community. It is a powerful motivator and source of confidence, which is why this Pride, I've joined Freddie in Protecting Our Pride.

Jay, he/him (@itsjayng)

From the vibrant of Vietnam to the welcoming embrace of Canada, my journey has been about embracing self-love and self-acceptance  As a young gay immigrant, I've thrived thanks to the incredible support from the LGBTQIA2S+ community.  #ProtectOurPride isn't just a slogan; it's about embracing love, acceptance, and living boldly - which is why I've joined Freddie in Protecting Our Pride! Let's keep pushing boundaries and embracing ourselves, together.

Adam, he/him (@thatadamlguy)

I'm grateful for the privilege to be unapologetic 🫶 I’m proud to be partnering with Freddie this pride for the Protect Our Pride campaign.

Gabriel, he/him (@gabrieljarquin)

Pride is definitely something that I've evolved into. Being proud is essentially loving who you are, showing up as your authentic self, but also being proud of the obstacles that you've overcome and the journey that it took to make you the person you are today. #ProtectOurPride

Asher, he/him (@the.flower.prince)

Pride is more than just a month of rainbows and parades. It’s community, honesty, love and support. It deserves to be cherished, which is why this year I’m joining Freddie to #ProtectOurPride 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️

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