Keep Pride Going With These LGBTQ2S+ Events Across Canada

Brad Tiller

With June coming to a close, so too does the official month of Pride – but there are still plenty of LGBTQ2S+ events to attend across Canada, including official Pride celebrations in several Canadian cities!

We’ve compiled a list of many Canadian LGBTQ2S+ events happening from July to September 2023, including drag shows, parades, parties, open mics, meetups and more. Continue celebrating Pride and LGBTQ2S+ empowerment with your community all summer long!

Events in bold are sponsored by Freddie.


British Columbia




New Brunswick

Nova Scotia

Prince Edward Island


Written by:
Brad Tiller

Brad is the Content Marketing Manager at Freddie. Based in Montreal, Brad is passionate about empowering people with the information they need to safely explore their sexuality and live their fullest lives.