41 LGBTQ+ Owned Stores for Pride Merch in Canada

Marissa Del Mistro

Pride is coming!

This means it’s just about that time when all of the big corporations come out of the woodworks to sell pride merch, adorn their storefronts with pride flags, and become our biggest fans. 

We’re starting to see right through this yearly facade called “rainbow capitalism” or “pink capitalism” and instead are making the conscious effort to put money right back into the pocket of actual LGBTQ2S+ people.

Let’s be clear: visibility and acceptance are what the community wants – and needs – from all companies. Yet, this movement takes place 24/7, 365 days a year – not for one week.

Instead, let’s strut into the fabulous Pride events in style, rocking pride and LGBTQ2+ apparel from queer-owned stores across Canada - or as we like to call it, gay-nadian apparel. Let’s shop. 

Online Pride merch

1. Queen City Pride

Queens, unite! Queen City Pride is an online shop with a huge range of items for sale, from home decor and flags to T-shirts. When you buy something from Queen City Pride, you are donating directly towards Regina, Saskatchewan’s 10-day celebration, “Queen City Pride Festival,” focused on education, entertainment and enlightenment! 

Sells: Home decor, flags, clothing, masks, jewelry 

Location: Online

Queen City Pride

2. Flamingo Market

Flamingo Market is an award-winning Online Marketplace that supports LGBTQ2S+ artists, businesses, and non-profits. They have a wide range of shopping options and rock for pride, including t-shirts, totes, accessories, etc. 

Sells: Clothing, jewelry, face masks, accessories, stickers, prints

Location: Online

Flamingo Market

3. Neebing and Mary

With the focus on queer flags, pop culture, and protest, Neebing and Mary are here to help you spread the love at pride events across Canada. The shop sells lots of goodies that can be ordered online. 

Sells: Pins, stickers and flags

Location: Online

Neebing and Mary

4. Pin Ace

Deck out your clothing and accessories with cute, handcrafted pins and enamels that celebrate LGBTQ+ love and body positivity made by Darcy. 

Sells: Pins and enamels

Location: Online 

Pin Ace

5. Get Real Movement

Get Real is a Canadian non-profit focused on fighting against 2SLGBTQ+ discrimination, racism, and bullying in schools, summer camps, and workplaces. When you shop their t-shirts, hoodies, and accessories, the merchandise funds their work. Win, win. 

Sells: Clothing and accessories 

Location: Online - some core staff in Toronto  

Get Real Movement

6. Rainbow Certified

Rainbow Certified is for you if you are looking for cute, fun, colourful LGBTQ+ apparel and accessories. This sweet shop offers lovely additions to any pride outfit to help you stand out - for all the right reasons. 

Sells: Clothing, accessories, patches and stickers 

Location: Online

Rainbow Certified

7. Six Up Shop

Six Up is a shop celebrating all the people, sexualities, and gender identities that make up the beautiful LGBTQ+ community with stickers, t-shirts, pins, tote bags, and accessories perfect for pride.

Sells: Clothing, stickers, pins, accessories and bags

Location: Online

Ontario Pride merch

8. Frizz Kid

Frizz Kid is a Toronto-based illustrator that makes products to pass on the message of empowerment and healing - and has been doing so since 2016. Frizz Kid has a great pride T-shirt that is lightweight and unisex. 

Sells: Shirts and prints 

Location: Toronto, Ontario

Frizz Kid

9. Muka

Muka is run and operated by four artists and lifelong friends in 2018, striving to create a more inclusive fashion line for people of intersectional identities. They sell a variety of items, including plenty of pride merch. 

Sells: Accessories, pins, patches, earrings, clothing, and home decor

Location: Toronto, Ontario


10. An Nguyen Art

This quirky brand caters to people who “grew up dreaming of mermaids, unicorns and witches.” This year they’ve created a whimsical, unisex t-shirt for pride 2022. 

Sells: Clothing, accessories, pins and patches 

Location: Toronto, Ontario

An Nguyễn Art

11. The Invisible Majority

The Invisible Majority has a serious goal to raise awareness, visibility and representation. It strives to empower the BIPOC and 2SLGBTQ+ community. This year they’ve released great t-shirts for pride. 

Sells: Clothing and art 

Location: Toronto, Ontario

The Invisible Majority

12. Yohomo

Yohomo is a queer collective based in Toronto that hosts queer events, has an online blog for all things queer, and offers other great resources. They also have an incredible merch line designed and created by Toronto queer artists. They sell tanks, t-shirts, sweaters and tote bags. 

Sells: Clothing and tote bags

Location: Toronto, Ontario


13. SOAP

Ran by two queer folks, SOAP is a sneaky acronym for Operation Soap - which is what the Toronto police force ‘nicknamed’ their 1981 Toronto gay bathhouse raids - which had a lasting impact on the queer community. So, SOAP is reclaiming it - and you can too with their funky, psychedelic T-shirts, hoodies and hats. 

Sells: Clothing, hats, and accessories 

Location: Toronto, Ontario


14. Queer Geekery

Find your niche and your people by rocking the quirky and fun designs made by a gay married couple in Toronto! “Power up your queer gear!” with their many graphic t-shirts, mugs, and hoodies. 

Sells: Clothing, mugs and accessories 

Location: Toronto, Ontario

15. L’amour Propre

L’amour Propre exisits thanks to the work of Tal Meloche - a “gender queer, neurodivergent” person from Ontario! L’Amour-Propre, which translates to ‘Self Love,’ offers fabulous queer and sex-positive accessories plus engraved plastic name tags, clothing, and jewellery, all designed to make you feel confident and cool.

Sells: Accessories, name tags and jewelry 

Location: Toronto, Ontario 

L'amour Propre

16. MakeShiftLove

Creative Keet Geniza makes thoughtful LGBTQ+ art based on her experiences navigating the world as a “fat, femme, bi woman of colour.” Her shop, MakeShiftLove, sells colourful prints, stickers, posters and other paper goods celebrating queerness and self-love. 

Sells: Prints, stickers, posters and other paper goods 

Location: Toronto, Ontario 


17. Grapefruit

Grapefruit is a trendy LGBTQ+ clothing shop in the Village, Toronto (so you can shop in person or online!) started in 2019 by two gay besties who dreamed of supporting the community through an inclusive range of clothes. They sell accessories, home goods, underwear, shorts, and shirts.

Sells: Accessories, home goods, underwear, and clothing. 

Location: Toronto, Ontario


18. Watson & Lou

Selling altered fine china, this queer-owned vintage shop sells conversation pieces you’ll want at your Pride brunch, with decals like, “Everyone wants a revolution, but no one wants to do the dishes,” and “Femme the future.” 

Sells: Accessories, art decor, houseware, books, body care, and stationary

Location: Petersborough, Ontario 

Watson & Lou

19. Dust on My Boots

Let the creative Erin M do the talking for you by adding one of their pins and stickers onto your outfit for a pride event! 

Sells: pins and stickers

Location: Toronto, Ontario 

Dust on My Boots

20. Glad Day Bookshop

The Glad Day Bookshop is a Canadian institution whose goal is to educate and share LGTBQ+ literature and history. In addition to great books, they also sell plenty of LGBTQ+ and pride merchandise like prints, stickers, pins, patches, flags and keychains. The store opened in Toronto back in 1970.

Sells: Prints, stickers, pins, patches, flags, and keychains 

Location: Toronto, Ontario

Glad Day Bookshop

21. Out On The Street

Out On The Street is a Toronto-based online store that truly has it all! Their store includes sex-positive toys/apparel, clothing, and accessories. Check them out. 

Sells: Sex toys, clothing, and accessories 

Location: Toronto, Ontario/Online 

Out On The Street

22. Grrrl Spells

Grrrl Spells serves up witchy and bitchy vibes that are perfect for pride. This Toronto-based shop offers mysteriously dark accessories, clothing, stickers, patches and prints. Spooky!

Sells: Accessories, clothing, stickers, patches and prints

Location: Toronto, Ontario

Grrrl Spells

23. The Night Forest Shop

Take on the night with accessories and pins from The Night Forest Shop, a quirky shop that celebrates nature and all things queer! 

Sell: Pins, accessories 

Location: Guelph, Ontario 

The Night Forest Shop

24. Aadhe Clothing

Led by the creative multidisciplinary queer, non-binary south Asian artist Aman Gill, based in Toronto, Aadhe is a uni-sex street clothing brand that brings together street art and inclusivity. 

Sells: Clothing 

Location: Toronto, Ontario

Aaadhe Clothing

25. Pack Animal Co

Pack Animal Co is a company designed for everybody and every gender! You’ll need the right undies and binders to feel extra comfortable while enjoying pride, so why not shop the options from Pack Animal? 

Sells: Undergarments, binders 

Location: Toronto, Ontario

Pack Animal Co

26. Luck ‘n Lavender Studio

Luck and Lavender Studio is the love child of KJ Forman, a queer, non-binary feminist artist from Ottawa. Their products, including pins, hoodies, and other accessories, are designed to highlight their LGBTQ experience while being sex-positive. 

Sells: Pins, clothing, and accessories

Location: Ottawa, Ontario 

Luck 'n Lavender Studio

27. Prickly Cactus Collage

You’ll find something distinct and cool when you shop the extensive goodies made by Toronto artist Catherine Jones at their shop, the Prickly Cactus Collage. The shop sells pins and magnets based on LGBTQ+ and feminist values.

Sells: Pins and magnets

Location: Toronto, Ontario

Prickly Cactus Collage

28. Toni Marlow

Toni Marlow is “a statement undergarment brand” from the east coast of Canada. Everything they make is produced locally, with body positivity and comfort at the forefront. Put on one of these undergarments, and you’ll be able to dance all night! 

Sell: Undergarments

Location: Toronto, Ontario

Quebec Pride merch

29. Yas Petit Poulet

Yas Petit Poulet is run by creative Elyas Salame, a Lebanese Queer illustrator and designer based in Montreal whose products focus on the queer identity and experience - with a hint of science. You’ll find clothing, accessories, magnets, stickers, hats, bags, and plenty more at their shop. When you shop with Yas Petit Poulet, 15% of the profit supports three organizations that impact BIPOC lives. 

Sells: Clothing, accessories, magnets, stickers, hats, bags, prints, mugs 

Location: Montreal, Quebec

Yas Petit Poulet

30. Love Struck Prints

Love Struck Prints offers clothing, accessories, illustrations and other cute stuff made by creative queer Genevieve Darling. Her creative outlet to be enjoyed by you includes pins, t-shirts, bags - and even baby clothes. Yay! 

Sells: Clothing for adults and babies

Location: Montreal, Quebec 

Love Struck Prints

Alberta Pride Merch

31. Chubby Fem Thrift

Chubby Fem Thrift built their brand as a way to express the owner’s creative side while supporting the queer community and supporting body positivity. 

Sells: Vintage clothing, cards, clothing, stickers, magnets, shoes, and wallets 

Location: Edmonton, Alberta

Chubby Fem Thrift

32. Little Rainbow Paper Co

Show your pride with patches and pins made by Little Rainbow Paper Co. This Calgary-based company is run by Heather, who is dedicated to selling products that strive to reflect, affirm and celebrate humans precisely as they are. 

Sells: Patches, stickers and pins 

Location: Calgary, Alberta

Little Rainbow Paper Co

33. The Quilt Bag

The Quilt Bag, located in Edmonton, is a charming shop that sells various products and artwork made for and by the queer community. Their pride collection is expansive, including accessories, flags, T-shirts, and plenty more. 

Sells: Prints, stickers, patches, pins, artwork, clothing, accessories, and flags. 

Location: Edmonton, Alberta

The Quilt Bag

34. The Lil Embroidebee

Buzz on over to the Lil Embroidebee, who is dedicated to celebrating all things queer with their creative art and embroidery that is focused on all things gay and nature! 

Sells: Patches 

Location: Edmonton, Alberta

The Lil Embroidebee

British Columbia Pride merch

35. Peau De Loup

Peau De Loup is a Vancouver-based clothing brand that challenges the binary and has been since 2012! They sell suits, button-ups, t-shirts, and accessories. Peau De Loup wants to challenge gender norms one outfit at a time. 

Sells: Clothing and accessories 

Location: Vancouver, BC

Peau De Loup

36. Your Open Closet

To have a fantastic pride, you’ll want to feel comfortable the entire day - it’s often a long day, after all! Your Open Closet makes gender-affirming under-garments for everyone.

Sells: Undergarments and binders 

Location: Vancouver, BC

Your Open Closet

37. B Team Apparel

B Team Apparel is run by Breanne Williamson, a lesbian content creator based in Vancouver. B Team Apparel offers t-shirts, sweaters, accessories and hats that don’t worry about gender but fashion and comfort. 

Sells: Clothing and accessories 

​​Location: Vancouver, BC

B Team Apparel

38. Little Sisters Books and Art Emporium

Little Sister’s is an iconic part of Vancouver history - and queer history. While primarily a sex-positive and book shop, it sells oodles of pride merch to enjoy the celebrations like t-shirts, flags, pins, accessories, and more! The shop opened its doors back in 1983 and has since survived, cemented to the city and its people. 

Sells: Books, art, flags, accessories, clothing, pins, and stickers 

Location: Vancouver, BC

Little Sister Books and Art Emporium

39. Brandy Mar Designs

Brandy, who runs the shop, refers to Brandy Mars Designs as “the gayest lil’ gift shop in all the land!” Brandy Mar Designs started as a fun and silly side hustle and is now an established business selling creative designs and more. 

Sells: Art prints, wrapping paper,  cups, chocolate, rugs, wellness products, calendars, apparel, puzzles, and children’s books. 

Location: Vancouver, BC

Brandy Mar Designs

40. Top Drawers

Nestled in the heart of Vancouver’s gay village, Top Drawers is a clothing store that sells clothes to show off your personality and style. Top Drawers sells, of course, undergarments but also t-shirts, tanks, bottoms, accessories, sex toys and pride garments. 

Sells: Sex toys, clothing, and accessories  

Location: Vancouver, BC

Top Drawers

41. Meryk’s Creative Studios

Meryk’s Creative Studio is run by a Queer Vancouver-based multidisciplinary artist who makes fun and creative stickers, pins, badges, and more to show your pride! 

Sells: Stickers, pins, and badges 

Location: Vancouver , BC

Meryk's Creative Studios